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February 10, 2012

Guest Post: Giselle from Xpresso Reads

I am very happy to have my fellow Zombie supporter here on the blog, Giselle from  Xpresso Reads. We are hosting Zombies vs. Unicorns with Anna from Literary Exploration and Haley from YA-Aholic. Today Giselle will be talking to us about her favorite zombie movies :) So without further ado, *HI GISELLE*

Hi everyone, I came over to my Team Zombie partner's blog to say hi *waves* and give you my top 5 Zombie movies!

5: Resident evil
I've always loved the Resident Evil movies. I love how Milla Jovovich is a really bad-ass female heroine. I also enjoyed watching my boyfriends play the games in high school, though I never played myself. My nerves would be shot!

4: Pet Sematary
Zombie cats! Enough said!

3: 28 Days Later
This is probably the most scariest zombie movie that I've watched. These are not slow, sluggish zombies. They're fast and they're highly aggressive. This can NOT be good in a zombocalypse!

2: Return of the Living Dead
This one's the very first zombie movie I ever watched: it popped my zombie cherry! So I have always loved it. It has a great mix of gore and humor. And that scene where the zombie comes out of the basement door screaming "BRRAAAAAIIINSS" is pretty effin awesome!

1: Zombieland
OK this is the funniest zombie movie ever made; it's just pure masterful, can be used as a guide for when zombies come (and don't kid yourself - they're coming), all that with a great cast to boot. I can often be found quoting rules from their zombie survival guide. My favorite: Rule number 18: Limber Up! For all of the rules, click here.

Thanks for having me Audris! And don't forget everyone - Team ZOMBIE! BRAAAAAAAINS


  1. Yay! Btw, the pictures for the movies #2,3,4 aren't showing up.

  2. I love Zombieland!! I could watch it over and over. It friggin cracks me up. I love Resident Evil, and 28 Days Later too. I have a car in my neighborhood that looks like a Pet Semetary cat and it sits in my driveway and stares at me. It really creeps me out lol!!

  3. Zombieland was SO fun to watch! I absolutely loved it!

  4. Zomebieland is definitely the right choice for Number 1. Gotta love Jesse Eisenberg!

  5. Yay for Zombies!!! I absolutely LOVE Zombieland! Woody Harrelson in that movie = hilarious! I’ve actually never read or seen anything Resident Evil but I really should because 2012 has so far been the year of zombie love for me.