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February 14, 2012

Zombies Have Taken Over Valentine's Day

Well, today is Valentine's Day! As you can probably tell, I have converted my blog into a ROCKING place to visit if you ever forget how awesome zombies are (and start slipping into Unicorn territory :P) and today is no different. If you want to celebrate Valentine's day zombie style, scroll below.

I just want to share a few valentines with you :) You can go and print these out:

To print these go herehere, and here!

Now we all know Valentine's day is nothing without some yummy candy. Here are some delicious treats that will surely have your valentine swooning over you:
 Fresh in package.
Gummy brains, and they come freshly packaged :P You can get those at this neat website filled with weird foods here. I would also say edible dry zombie skin would go well with this theme but...I think gummy brains definitely taste better. Although, if you still want that zombie skin you can also get it here.

And then, if you're still looking for the perfect song to play your valentine...why not give this adorable love song a try :P

Now that Valentine's Day here on my blog has officially been taken over by zombies I'm off to go play that song to my valentine. So what are you guys doing for Valentine's day? Any zombie plans? :P Team zombie, braiiinnnsss!!!
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  2. OMG This post just made my day <3

  3. I love those prints! They made me smile. Happy Valentines Day!

  4. I actually had one of those gummy brains on Halloween last year! Very delicious, no wonder zombies love them! They’ve had the right idea all along!
    Oh, and while I am here, I have a great poem you might enjoy!
    Roses are Red
    Dead Flesh is Green
    When the dead start to rise
    You’re on my team!

  5. @Gi-Gi and @Alexa Aww yay! I'm glad! :D Happy vday!

    @Darlene: Omgggg, I love the poem!! :D Team Zombie!!!

  6. Best Valentine's Day post ever? I think so! I wish I would have seen this post earlier. I totally would have printed out those zombie valentines and passed them out to my friends!

  7. This was such a great post! How did I not see it yesterday?! This was totally awesomesauce!!

  8. I love those zombie Valentines!! They're AWESOME! haha