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December 7, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Booktubers

I've been on youtube for about as long as I've had a blog. When I started my channel it was just to use it to record the book hauls I posted on here and now I've kind of stopped doing that too, so my channel just sits there. I really want to take the time to post reviews and different kinds of videos on there but no matter what anyone tells you...IT IS HARD. So time consuming and that's why I admire these booktubers and thought I'd share my favorites with you guys. Here are my top 5 bookish YouTube channels:

1. Raeleen from Padfootandprongs07
Guys, seriously if you're going to just watch one booktuber make it this one. She always gives her honest opinions on the books she reviews. Plus, she's hilarious. I never miss one of her videos.

2. Jesse from Jessethereader
Jesse is himself in every video and they will surely bring you a laugh. There aren't many guy booktubers out there so it's always refreshing to hear what a guy has to say on certain book. Also, his videos are short and to the point which make for the perfect quick video to sneak in between studying for your finals (which is what I'm doing now).

3. Jeffrey, Jeremy and Liz at This Week In YA (TWIYA):

This is the channel you want to go to for all your young adult news, including books, movies and publishing. They always have new weekly releases and it's where I go to get all the casting news for movies I'm anticipating. Jeffrey and Liz both have their own channels that you should also check out.

4. The Bookables:
If you're looking for a booktuber that takes into account your suggestions you should definitely check her channel out. She has monthly TBRs where the viewers get to choose what she reviews that month. Plus, she watches as much tv as I do, have to love a fellow tv junkie! 

5. Priscilla at Thereadables
Priscilla has great quality on all her videos and doesn't just read young adult. In fact, every month she has a theme and chooses books from all different genres, including a book to movie adaptation a month.


All of these channels are unique and awesome and I never miss a video from them, so if you're looking for new channels to subscribe to you should go check them out. These are just the top 5 on my list but there are a bunch of other awesome booktubers that I love. Do you guys watch bookish people on youtube? Let me know if I'm missing any of your favorite booktubers! I want to follow ALL THE AWESOME PEOPLE!


  1. Yes, they great :)

    I also love watching videos of get bookish. They are awesome

    I also like Astrid the book worm

    And books and quills, Sanne does an excellent work with her videos

  2. Thanks for linking to these book bloggers, I don't think I've seen any of their videos but now I'm going to check them all out!!

  3. The Booktuber at youtube is also a great one

  4. I love watching Christine from polandbannanasBOOKS and ariel for book reviews

  5. Choncey Boddington is also really great. Seriously, check her out. Her videos arent just fun, they're really beneficial as she's so honest and sincere and discusses important everyday issues. Plus she has a killer accent! Watching her videos is like talking to a friend! My favourite booktuber by far. :)

    1. I just checked her out and subscribed! Thank you for the recommendation :)