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April 3, 2014

My Month in Pictures: March

This is a new feature I plan on doing at the beginning of each month where I share some of the things I did during the previous month. I won't be talking much, I'll let the pictures talk for themselves.

(Late birthday presents. My friend knows me so well.)

(Spring is here. I had to do a little closet revamping.)

(This isn't my picture, although I do want this magazine, but VERONICA. MARS. IS. AIR. I finished season 2 and 3 and watched the movie. Everything was perfect.)

(Went to a Christian rock concert with friends. Saw Empire Theory.)

(Found old photo albums. Was I rocking those polka dots or what?)

(My friend surprised me with free tickets to see Miley Cyrus. She's an amazing singer live.)

(Icona Pop opened for her and they were fantastic.)

(I went to a French picnic for my club at UCF and cooked these spinach croissant things. They were delicious!)

(Lastly, I went to Islands of Adventures and drank some Butter Beer. If you guys haven't ridden the Harry Potter ride, do yourself a favor and go. You won't regret it.)

That was my month of March, hopefully April will be as eventful, but I'd be happy with just being able to go to the beach. What did you do this month?

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