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May 10, 2014

Welcome to the Fangirl Side: Supernatural

If you didn't already know, I'm a huge fangirl. Suggest a tv show that I can just sit down and marathon (shout out to Books of Amber for Veronica Mars) and I will probably marry you, as long as you're okay with polyamorous relationships (Dean and Sam come first). So I've been wanting to start a feature where I share what tv shows and occasionally movies, book series and music I've been obsessing over.

What better way to launch this feature than with the tv show I'm currently glued to? I started season 1 last Sunday and I plan on starting season 2 today. You know that point where you sit back and realize that you're obsessed? Yeah, I'm there. I actually looked up Supernatural fan art and this is currently my phone screen:

So lets unleash the fangirl within and discuss why I love Supernatural so much.

First off, I don't know why I waited so long to start it. Actually, if I'm being completely honest, it's probably because I'm a huge scaredy cat. I mean, give me a creepy mystery and I'll devour it in a day but possessions and exorcisms send me running in the other direction. Last Sunday I found myself wandering my Netflix queue and decided it was time to give the first episode a shot. Four hours later and I'm still on my couch in the same position (I may or may not have had a little drool from staring at Dean for so long). Sure there are some creepy scenes and story lines but there's also an underlying comic relief. No episode goes by without me laughing out loud. So if you haven't started watching Supernatural because you're scared, start now and report back to me. There were a few episodes that had me triple guessing the shadows in my room, but Sam and Dean are worth it. If there's any doubt, just look:


9x05 ~ Dog Dean Afternoon
"There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who think Sam Winchester is an awkward cutie and liars." 

The relationship between these two brothers is one of my favorite things of the whole show. They have this complicated relationship but you can tell they truly care for one another and would do anything and risk anything for each other. And even though I'm only on season 2 I feel like their characters never cease to surprise me, especially Dean. I love that he's supposed to be the bad boy of the show but as his character develops you start seeing a completely different side. Another thing I love is that each episode can pretty much stand on its own. They each have their own mystery that gets resolved by the end of the episode and to be honest, I love the separate stories more than the overarching storyline.

I also think that the cross country road trip feel is perfect now that summer is approaching. Oh! And my Grey's Anatomy fangirl heart is happy because Papa Winchester is a hottie. So if you're looking for a new show to marathon this summer go with Supernatural. TRUST ME. The first 8 seasons are streaming on Netflix so there are no excuses.

My question for those of you that have seen the show, any book suggestions so I can finish feeding my obsession? I've already read Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake.

Anyone currently watching the show? Or die hard fans that are already caught up? Can we please fangirl together? I hope you like this feature, leave any suggestions for shows you think I need to watch!

1 comment:

  1. I am TOTALLY okay with a polyamorous relationship involving Sam and Dean. Sign me up. ;)

    LOLOLing forever at that Life Goals GIF. TRUE FACT.

    I love that you started on a Sunday, too! Tomorrow will make exactly a month since I started watching, and I only have 7 episodes left from Season 9, and I'm DONE. It's so. freaking. weird, to think I'll haven no more.

    Hey, we're like twins! I NEVER watch horror/scary movies, and I'm not big on ghosts, etc. At all. So I basically fell in love with the show for the characters and tolerated the other stuff, haha. But I do like both it and the arcs that do eventually come out to play. But we all know that Dean is #1 on my priority list, followed closely by someone you haven't met yet. ;) And I still adore the Dean/Sam familial (and totally not romantic or anything because I'm not a sicko ahem *shifty eyes*) relationship/bond.

    I AM still harboring a small grudge against them for making all the deaths (the mom's and the person-from-episode-one's) on November 2, though, because it's my birthday and it's awesome okay. Not cool.

    I am cool with ALL THE SUPERNATURAL FANGIRLING. I have a PhD in Fangirling. I can tweet, text, comment, skywrite (you know, as soon as I obtain my totally illegal pilot's license) all the fangirly things! The 7 tabs open next to this one are SPN fanfiction, which is really the only reason I haven't finished the series yet. I got distracted by fic about a week ago, so my free time has been split between them.

    Anyway. Now that I have probably scared you away from ever talking about Supernatural with me again, I shall turn in for the night. :)

    ALSO. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? Because if not, you need to. Just so your life can officially be complete.