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October 4, 2014

Creeptastic Reads 2014! || October TBR

October is here! Everything about fall, from the fashion to the weather, is absolutely perfect in my book. Plus, my favorite genre is mystery/horror, so this is the perfect time to put two and two together. Creeptastic Reads is a feature I started a few years back (and failed every year), but this year I'm determined to make it work. Here's the main gist; I'll be choosing some creepy books or some mysteries that have been begging to be read, I'll read them, and then I'll let you know how much I liked them, and how creepy they were (on a scale from "not at all" to "OMG I'M NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN"). That way, you can decide if any of the books I reviewed are books you'll be picking up, or if you want to skip because they just sound absolutely terrifying and you'd rather stick to the contemporaries. Plus, be on the lookout for some awesome author interviews and giveaways!

The Creepy TBR:

Obviously I won't be getting to all of these (unless some miracle happens), but I will be attempting to read and review most of them. Let me know if you've read any of these, which ones I should bump up on my TBR, and which ones you would definitely like to see reviews of. Happy reading!


  1. Okay so I pretty much steer clear of any horror/scary books, but in the spirit of October and Halloween, I'm willing to give some a try!! I can't wait to see which of these you like best because they all sound intriguing.

  2. The girl from the well sounds SO CREEPY. I'm also curious about I hunt killers.