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October 26, 2014

Creeptastic Reads: Interview with author Hannah Jayne + Giveaway

Very excited to have Hannah Jayne, the author of The Dare, Truly Madly, Deadly and See Jane Run, on the blog today!

The Interview

Truly, Madly, Deadly
As a psychology major, I'm very intrigued by stories that deal with dark psychological issues. Truly, Madly, Deadly definitely falls into this category. What's the most interesting research you've done for your novels?

The book I just finished, The Escape, deals with a schizophrenic teen. I had to do a ton of research for that one and it was fascinating. I'm constantly amazed at what the brain can do. My current book deals with the daughter of a notorious serial killer trying to find a sense of normalcy. I actually worked with the guy who created the Behavior Analysis Unit at the FBI to (gulp) get into the head of a serial killer at work (ack!) and at home (double ack!). It was terrifying but so, so interesting.

Which of your characters has been your favorite to write, which was your easiest to write, and which character would you most want to be friends with?

Wow, that's a list! ;) I think it's a toss up between Sawyer Dodd from Truly, Madly, Deadly and Sophie Lawson from my urban fantasy series The Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles for favorites. Sophie is fun because she's quirky and gets into all sorts of ridiculous situations. Sawyer was a little bit harder to write, but is still one of my most satisfying characters, probably because she stood her ground. Chloe has been the easiest character so far, but Avery Templeton from my upcoming The Escape was an easy one to write. Character I'd most like to be friends with? Probably Shelby from See Jane Run or Brynna's best friend, Evan, from the Dare. Both are fun, funny, and absolutely true to their besties.

See Jane RunCan you suggest any YA thriller novels or movies to get us started with our fall season?

I will read anything that Barry Lyga writes--I'm absolutely addicted to his I Hunt Killers series! And April Henry--The Body in the Woods and The Night She Disappeared--I think I had to sleep with the lights on after reading those!

If you could choose one of your books to be turned into a movie, which one would you choose? Who would you like to play the characters?

I would love to see Truly, Madly, Deadly turned into a film. I'd love Bonnie Wright (remember her? She was Ginny Weasel in Harry Potter) or Zoey Deutch from Beautiful Creatures. I think Sylar Samuels or Maddie Hasson would be great Chloes.

The DareLet's say that next week the world turns into one of your scariest nightmares. What would that look like, and what's one piece of advice you would give us in order to survive?
There would be snakes and fire everywhere. My advice would be to run!

Is there a specific season you like to set your books in? Do you write them in the season they take place in?

I find myself writing rain or rainy scenes in all my books. I really didn't realize I was doing it until one of my fans said, "Where does Sawyer live? It like, rains every five minutes!" So I guess I like wintery/fall weather. It's conducive to terror!

Thank you so much for participating in Creeptastic Reads!

The Giveaway

Hannah was kind enough to offer a signed copy of each of her YA books, so there will be three winners. All you have to do is enter below! Remember to let me know in the free entry which one of the books you want to win the most.

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  1. The research done for Truly, Madly, Deadly sounds really scary but fascinating. And the BAU reminds me of Criminal Minds.