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September 22, 2015

Celebrate Contemporary #4: Nori's Quick Summaries & Reviews

For our fourth Celebrate Contemporary post, we have one of my very great friends, Nori! Nori blogs over at Read Write Love 28. Contemporary is usually seen as a genre that has books that are very quickly paced and many people fly right through books of this genre. Also, many of the books in contemporaries are shorter than say a fantasy. Since contemporary is usually seen as very quick, I had Nori pick out 4 books (it turns out I've read all her choices and they're all great!) and she is going to give us a short summary/review on each. Hopefully after seeing these reviews, you pick these books up because both Nori and I would agree on the fact that these books are fabulous!

Nori (Read Write Love 28)

Nori is the blogger at She is obsessed with her dog, Ellie Mae, food, and books (of course), especially YA contemporary and fantasy. She is also a beta reader and offers developmental editing services on her blog. In addition, she is the founder of UBUbiz, and hosted Bookitcon, a charity book event in August 2015. You can find Nori online on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest, and her blog.

Nori's Short & Quick Summaries/Review

Title: Let's Get Lost 

Author: Adi Alsaid

One girl goes on an epic road trip, and changes the lives of four teens along the way. Multiple stories with one overlapping character? Yes please!!!

Title: Rites of Passage

Author: Joy N. Hensley

What starts as a dare turns into an epic adventure when Sam enters the Denmark Military Academy as one of the first girls to ever be admitted. While there, she learns that not everything is what it seems, and has to tread carefully in order not to get trapped in the webs of deceit and blackmail. After all, just because she's admitted doesn't mean that the guys are happy she is there...

Title: Since You've Been Gone

Author: Morgan Matson

Imagine being the best friend to one of the most outgoing, crazy, and awesome girls in your school. Now imagine that she disappeared, leaving nothing but a list filled with dares for you to complete. Instead of hiding in the corners, it's finally time for Emily to shine in the spotlight. PLUS YOU NEED TO MEET FRANK, ONE OF MY BOOK BOYFRIENDS!

Title: Open Road Summer

Author: Emery Lord

Having a superstar best friend is awesome, and spending a summer road tripping with them is even better. A book filled with music, laughter, friends, fun and romance. What else could you want? PLUS YOU NEED TO MEET MATT, ONE OF MY BOOK BOYFRIENDS!

Why Does Nori Love Contemporary?

I asked Nori why she loves this genre and she said,

"Why do I love contemporary? That's an interesting question. I'm not quite sure whether I can put the answer down in words, but I'll do my best. I love contemporary novels because they could happen in real life. I love learning the stories behind different people. It's crazy- we all live on Earth, but everyone has such a different life, and it's amazing to open my eyes and learn about someone else and what they are experiencing."

Thanks so much to Nori for being such a wonderful guest!

You picked such great books! You have a good taste. :P Be sure to check out Nori's blog and you can find her on Twitter here.

Have you read any of Nori's recommendations? If so, which ones? Do you have the same thoughts on them?

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