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October 4, 2011

Guest Post: Haley from YA-Aholic

Hey book lovers! This is Haley and I run the book blog Ya-Aholic, you can check it out here- I've never done a guest post, so this may be awkward, but work with me (; I'm just gonna show you guys some of my favorite books! First I'm gonna show you guys some published books that I totally love, then I'm gonna show you some amazing indie/self published books that are incredible and great prices too! (:

  • The Iron Knight (Iron Fey#4) : I love this series! I'm pretty sure it is my favorite series, the first one is called The Iron King, so if you haven't read this series I highly recommend it, Megan is amazing, and the main men Puck and Ash are equally amazing . Julie Kagawa puts together a beautiful combination of love, adventure, action, magic, and anything else you could possibly want in a series! (:
The rest of the books are also amazing, I would recommend all of these to anyone, Iron Fey series is just extra special so it deserved it's own explanation! 
Below are some of my favorite indie books, indie books I feel don't get as much attention as they deserve because their 'indie' but I have read alot of indie books that are better then some published books I have read! All of the ones below are super amazing and are some of my favorite reads!

All these books above are awesome! Coexist is story of mix paranormals such as Elves,Witches,Shap Shifters, Warlocks and so on, Captivated is about Vampires and Vampire Hunters, Unlovable is a thriller romance in alternating POV between the main girl Maggie and the main guy Seth, Descended by Blood is about Vampires with special powers, Bitter Frost is about Fea, Werewolves, and Pixies, and Dirty Blood is about Werewolves and Hunters (: 

  • Each one of these are awesome and are at insanely awesome prices so if your looking for a good priced amazing read, I suggest any of the 6 above (:

Well that's all I have to say I guess, hopefully next time I do a guest post it will be a little more entertaining, and I will come more prepared ! Thank you Audris for having me here on her blog for a guest post! (:


  1. Haha this was cute, I enjoyed reading about Haley's favorite books! Awesome post :)