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October 7, 2011

Review: Amen, L.A. by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld

Amen, L.A.
When Natalie Shelton and her family move from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, more changes than their zip code. Natalie's mom accepts a position as pastor with the Church of Beverly Hills—and Natalie's along for the ride. Before she can blink, she's living in a mansion once owned by Ricardo Montalban, going to school with hot young Hollywood stars, and partying in the park with kids who know no limits. It's an amazing new life—but if she doesn't watch out, Natalie could find herself seriously messed up. Natalie has values . . . but how long can she hold on to them?
So this book was a really quick read. I picked it up and was kind of surprised at the amount of religious things in it. Yes, I know, it’s called Amen L. A. but they were comparing it to a Gossip Girl read. I guess in the sense of it focusing on the rich and famous it’s like Gossip Girl, but they focus more on their church lives.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the book. I was just genuinely surprised with it. The main character, Nat, is a typical goody two shoes that goes to church, gets good grades and listens to her parents. Being uprooted and placed smack in the middle of Los Angeles where gossip, drinking and partying are the main attraction was not how she was hoping to spend the rest of her high school life. She constantly made decisions that frustrated me but she did stand up for what she believed in throughout the book. Nat has a brother and sister. Her sister is the attention seeking glamour girl and her brother is the pretty boy. There are two guys in the book, Sean and Brett, but for some reason I didn’t really connect with any of them enough to swoon. I felt like they were just any other guy. My favorite characters are Alex, the bad girl trying to reform herself and Mia, the other new girl in town. They are both true to who they are and don’t try to be like all the other people in Los Angeles.

As I said before, it was a very quick read. I loved the fashion that they brought into it. I’m a fashion kind of girl which is the main reason I used to read books like The A-List. This book brings fashion and a great plot together. There are parties, drinking, accidents, gossip, and even googling people. Amen, L.A. kept me entertained although I wish there would have been some more character development in regards to the guys in the book. I’m hoping that this book was the base of the series and the next book will be even better.

If you are looking for an entertaining book that is different from anything you have read before, be sure to pick up Amen, L.A.

Rating 3.5
Format: ARC

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