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February 28, 2012

Guest Post: Zombies Impact on Our Culture

Today I have Katie from Call Me Crazy here on the blog to tell us a little bit more about the awesomeness that are zombies (you know, in case you were forgetting). Zombies are better than Unicorns and below are just a few reasons why :) So, *HIYA KATIE*.

Not only am I Team Zombie because they are just totally badass, but because they have made a huge impact on our culture. You don't hear people preparing for the Unicorn Apocalypse! No! You read about everyone freaking out over when Zombies are going to take over our freaking world! They're in movies, music and even everyday decorations for our homes! Take that Unicorns!

There's been tons of movies like Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later dedicated to kicking some Zombie butt! My all time favorite Zombie movie is without a doubt, Zombieland! I mean what could be more exciting than watching Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson trying to survive on a world after the Zombie Apocalypse?! I just don't think the movie would have been quite as awesome (or as hilarious) if Tallahassee was shooting Unicorns out of his way in order to get his hands on a Twinkie.

And, of course, there is the most well known music video of all time, Thriller, by Micheal Jackson. The whole video was centered around Zombies! I really don't think the dance in the middle of the video would have been as cool and iconic if they busted out moves to mock a unicorn. I think it would have been a mixture between galloping around and putting a finger on top of your heard to mimic the horn.

So not only have Zombies taken over movies and music, but they're slowly coming into our homes! Don't worry though, it's in all the right ways! I mean you can warn trespassers to stay off you property instead of being the mean old lady who chases kids off her lawn, the Zombie sign will do it for you! Then there's Zombie bedding that you can put in your guest room to make guests feel errr very welcome to your home? Yeah, let's go with that! There's also Zombie jewelry for when your on the go, possibly something shiny to distract Zombies during the Apocalypse!

Thank you so much, Audris for having me on your blog to talk about the pure awesomeness that Zombies are!


  1. Oh, the hilarity! I love these promotional zombie posts you host, Audris! I love the pictures of Jesse and Michael with Unicorns instead of zombies too. I mean let’s get real, there is nothing threatening about unicorns. That is a fact that even my 6 year old cousin agrees with! Fantastic post! :D BTW, I have GOT to check out those bedsheets, amazing!

    Darlene @ Leather Bound and Lovely

  2. OMG! That Zombie bedding is awesome! I love it. Love the pic of Michael dancing with the unicorn haha! Great post! #TeamZombie

  3. Great post! Love the zombie bedding!

  4. Oh Katie... the Michael Jackson-Unicorn poster = Wow. And I think I'll be having nightmares about those zombie sheets. I am seriously scared of zombies and this post does not help!! But while we're on the subject... :) Have you read Ashes yet??? I'm not sure if that counts as a zombie book, but it is AWESOME!

  5. ROFLMAO and THIS is why I am TEAM ZOMBIE BABY! And Katie I won't have nightmares about the zombie sheets but the Michael Jackson with Unicorn poster. ROFLMAO

  6. I think I just died laughing. Oh, wait.


    New follower!

  7. Bahahahaha this is so funny and so train. It totally cracked up at the part about the dance thriller would have been if it was about unicorns. SO HILARIOUS! XD

  8. Bahah that zombie bedding is beyond epic!!!! Awesome post Audris! <3

  9. Aw thank you guys! I definitely had fun photoshopping unicorns into zombie photos!

    Katie- I haven't read Ashes yet! I really need to! :)