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February 29, 2012

Zombies Vs. Unicorns: Last Day!

Today is the final day in Zombies vs. Unicorns month. This has been such a fun month for me and I hope you guys have enjoyed it too. My co-hosts are awesome as well, even if some of them are team unicorn :P Go check out their giveaways herehere and here. There are still a few hours left :D

Also, if you guys missed any of the zombie fun you guys can check out all the guests posts with the links below :) 
Starting post :)
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Guest Post: Giselle's Favorite Zombie Movies!!
Guest Post: How to Show Your Zombie Boyfriend You Love Him
Zombies Took Over Valentine's Day! <3
Guest Post: 5 Benefits of The Zombie Apocalypse
Guest Post: Zombies Impact on Our Culture

Let me know if you guys enjoyed this event and if you guys have any ideas for any events you guys would like to see me host in the future, please be sure to leave all your suggestions below! You guys are awesome and thanks for visiting all this month!!! <3 And remember, TEAM ZOMBIE FTW!


  1. I love Zombies and so have loved this event. Thanks so much for remembering all us zombie fans!!

  2. I love unicorns! I thought this was a cool event and would love to see more like it.