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October 6, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along Week 1: Road Trips

I am so excited to be participating in this read along. I've had this book on my shelf for a few months and have attempted to pick it up a few times but something was always in the way so when I heard about this I basically freaked out. This week's theme is road trips.

Favorite Road Trip:
I love road trips but there seems to never be enough time for all the places I want to go. One of my favorite trips I've taken was when my whole family (including all my cousins, aunts, uncles and even grandparents) decided to take a trip to Chicago from Florida. We drove all the way there and on the ride my cousins and I played cards and laughed up a storm. It was a blast! It was Christmas time and we had snowball fights. We even went to the Sears Tower and walked the shops downtown. That is one of my best memories from when I was younger. Now that I'm older my roommates and I were bored one day and decided to take a quick road trip where we ended up at Dave & Busters in the middle of the night. I hope to take some more road trips soon!

Favorite Road Trip Movie:
What kind of zombie fan would I be if I didn't say that my favorite road trip movie was Zombieland? Plus, a roadtrip with Jesse Eisenberg? I'm already strapped into the passenger seat, let's go!

Favorite Road Trip Book:
I enjoyed reading Amy and Roger's Epic Detour so much! It had awesome playlists, and postcards. And they stopped at the most delicious places to eat. I was so hungry while reading it! After reading that book I want to take that trip they made and stop at all the same places.

Some Road Trip Essentials:
1. You can't go anywhere without an awesome playlist. Music can make or break your trip so choosing the right tunes is definitely an important step! I'm a sucker for girly tunes so one album that will be coming with me on my next trip is Red by Taylor Swift. I can't wait for that album!

2. Where are you going without some yummy snacks? I am such a foodie! I literally pack the car with bags of every kind of snack and junk food when I go on trips.

3. CAFFEINE. A must have. If you're going on a trip with me, we will most likely be taking a small detour at Starbucks

Those are my basic needs when I go on road trips...aside from an AMAZING road trip buddy or buddies. Make sure you know you'll have the best time with whoever you choose to go.

These first chapters already have me swooning over Kaidan. I love the contrast between Anna and Kaidan. She is such a good girl and he is the ultimate bad boy. He can be so arrogant but I melted at the way he acted around Patti. He was so honest that he even surprised himself. And I'm a TOTAL sucker for the cocky and sarcastic guys so Kaidan fits right in there. I also really liked her best friend Jay. He's so protective of her. But Kaidan's dad?! Scared me half to death. He was so intimidating and serious.

I'm excited to see how this road trip to LA is going to go. I can't imagine the awkwardness when they stop at a hotel together. So I should probably go so I can keep reading!

Favorite Quotes:

"As they pulled Jonathan LaGray from the room, citing a list of crimes, he turned again to look at the baby girl, giving her a tight, ironic grin. 'Just say no to drugs, will ya, kid?'" page 3
"'I'm not finished with you, Kaidan Rowe.' From somewhere in the kitchen a solitary accented voice replied, 'Likewise.' Despite the night's warmth, I got a chill." page 71
"He had headphones on. The straight lines of his face were stern with concentration as his arms flexed underneath the bright red T-shirt with each jarring crash of the drumsticks. The beat he created was impeccable. I was amazed by his ability to think just far enough ahead of the sounds in order to place each stick at the exact right place at the right time, all while moving his legs up and down on the pedal in synchronization it all happened too fast for my eyes to keep up. I wanted to … to envelop him, wrap him up. Make him mine. It was a frightful, shameful desire." page 94
 If you want to sign up for the read along, there's still time! It is hosted by Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and co-hosted by: Two Chicks on BooksFiktshunTater’s Tall Tails and Ravenous Reader.

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  1. Ah!!!! We have a Dave & Busters about 30 minutes from us and I still haven't gone. Zombieland was AWESOME!!!