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January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! 2013 Goals and Resolutions!

Wow! Guys, we have reached a new year! I know it's incredibly cliche to say this but, "THIS YEAR WENT BY SO FAST"! I hope everyone had an amazing year and that this year is even better for all of you. A new year means new resolutions that we probably won't keep up with. I know that's terrible to say but it's mainly the truth. I know a lot of people just say that they want to have fun and read what they want but I need guidelines or nothing...NOTHING will get done. I work a lot better when I have goals set up and I keep myself on track. So here are some goals I set for myself:

Reading Goals:
1. I want to do the Goodreads challenge again this year. In past years I've set it up to 100 and sadly I didn't reach it this year but that doesn't matter because I read so many amazing books (87 books). This year I am just going to set it to 50 books. I know I'll pass that but that way I won't feel so stressed, especially since my classes are going to be tougher these last few semesters of college.

2. I'm actually participating in a challenge. It's the 2013 paranormal reading challenge and you can see my intro post to that here. It just seems simple and a lot of fun.

3. I said in last year's reading goals that I wanted to read more classics. HAHAHAHAHA! I failed. I still want to try to read a few classics this year though. I am determined!

4. This year I was pretty pleased with the books I read off my own shelves. Books I had before 2012 started. I read 24 books from my shelves but this year I want to read even more. I know I can. I just have to limit the books I will be difficult but I want to read at least 30 books that were on my shelves before 2013.

Blogging Goals (these are almost the same as last year):
1. I want to start featuring my favorite book read of the month at the end of each month. I said this last year but apparently forgot. It's happening.

2. Discussion posts. I feel like we need to discuss so many things. I know I want to hear what you guys have to say on certain topics so I think it would be fun. I have some topic ideas but if you guys have anything you want me to do a discussion post on, please leave it in the comments. It would be awesome to know what you guys want to discuss.

3. Post more frequently. I know I lack posts but I want to try to organize myself and the blog more. Scheduling posts is a life saver and I want to put it to more use this year.

4. REVIEWS, REVIEWS, REVIEWS. YES. I need to review more books I read. I usually just read books and never review them.

5. I also want to become better friends with more of you guys! Yeah, you! So I will be visiting more blogs and if you have anything you want to talk to me about or say just tweet me or email me or even comment right here! :)

Life Goals:
1. I just want to have fun this year. Hang out with my friends and family and do more things outside of my comfort zone.
I’m finally getting to make my memory jar! I plan to fill it with things related to Drew and I. Because he’s so special to me.
How To Get Labels and Glue Off:
Soak jar in warm, soapy water for 15 minutes.
Slide label off.
Apply peanut butter to the area with glue and rub in circles with your fingers.
Use a scrubber to get all the glue off.
Rinse and dry.

2. I want to start a memory jar. It seems like such a fun way to record your year. If you want to know more just click here. That girl has some seriously great ideas for documenting your life and making it the best. I'm going to be trying out more of her ideas but this is the one I know for a fact I'm doing.

3. Be more creative. Make things. CREATE.

What are your goals or resolutions? I feel like I have a lot but it just helps me stay on track with what I want to accomplish this year. Do you guys make lists or use calendars to keep up with life? Let me know too and don't forget to leave discussion post suggestions! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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  1. You have great goals, especially the "have fun" one! And I'm also planning to read at least one classic this year. :D