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November 23, 2014

Book Blogger Tag

Hello everyone! Today I will be doing the Book Blogger Tag! I was tagged by Anna from Unquenchable Reads which can be found here!

1. How many times do you check your email a day?
- I actually don't check my email that much compared to others. I usually check it once a day but some days I don't even check it.

2. How many times a day are you on Goodreads?
- I am on there all the time! I moderate a group so that takes up a lot of time and whenever I need to look up a book, I go to Goodreads! I love that site.

3. How long does it take to edit your posts?
- Not long considering I edit them as I go through. I will delete sentences and correct misspellings while writing the post instead of waiting until I am done to read through and change everything I need to.

4. What kind of laptop do you use?
- I use a Sony VAIO.

5. How often do you check Twitter?
- I am always on Twitter! It's bad. You'll usually get a response from me in under 10 minutes unless I am out or at school.

6. Why do you use the blogging website you use?
- I use this one because this one is the site Audris has been using for years! I joined as her co-blogger so this is what we use!

7. Are you good at keeping up with reviews, tags, etc.?
- I am good with tags but sometimes I can get behind on my reviews. As of now, I believe I have 3-4 to write. It would be much better to write them directly after finishing the book but for some reason I don't do that. I should get better with keeping up with reviews.

8. How many times a week do you post?
- In a perfect world, I would post 3-4 times a week. I am now getting used to blogging and with school, I am posting once a week and sometimes even skip a week! :( Hopefully with the breaks coming up I can get some more posts up!

Yay! This was a fun little tag. Thanks Anna for tagging me! I am not going to tag anyone because I have no idea who has done this and who hasn't but if you haven't and want to, consider yourself tagged!

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