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December 30, 2014

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015

The new year is fast approaching, it's that time to reorganize our shelves, our lives, and our blogs. This week we get to share some of our Goals for 2015 and that's exactly what Jacquelyn and I have prepared for you today.

1. My Goodreads challenge is the one thing I tend to stick by. In 2015 I plan on reading 105 books in order to complete the 105 challenge hosted by Nori. I'll be talking more about this in my post for tomorrow, where I go into detail about all the challenges I'm going to attempt. This is big for me since I've never completed a challenge (besides the Goodreads challenge) and I haven't set my goal as 100 since 2012. I'm going to set out to read at least 50 pages a day in order to complete my goal. I have a feeling I'm going to need a lot of cheerleaders.

2. This goal goes with the 105 challenge, and that is to read a book in French. If you didn't know, I graduated from college in December with a minor in French, but I know that if I don't keep practicing I'm going to forget everything I know. So along with reading a book in French I also want to watch a French film a month. They're usually dark, depressing, and forbidden so one a month is all I can take. OH! And I also want to keep track of all the movies I watch in 2015. There's an app called Libib that makes this super easy.

3. COMMENTING ON COMMENTS (any Grace Helbig fans out there?). I want to increase my participation in the blogging community, so I'm going to try to comment on 10 blogs every day or every other day. I'm going to try my hardest to stick to it. I'm even setting an alarm on my phone to remind me every day.

4. This is a personal life goal for me...BLOGILATES. I know of a ton of other book bloggers who take part in the monthly Blogilates calendar and I want to join in. I did it for a week in December and honestly felt so great. I can't imagine what doing it for an entire month would feel like. You know I'm going to need cheerleaders and workout partners for this one as well so let me know in the comments if you're doing this.

5. Posting at least 2 times a week. I have a co-blogger now *hi Jacquelyn*, and that's really taken some of the stress off me. I hope my anxiety stays away in the new year and I don't feel stressed to put out posts on the blog. That said, I do want to create some sort of schedule where I set aside time every day, or every other day, and blog for an hour or two. That way I can post and still have time for my social life and my reading pile.

Now it's my turn to tell all of you what my goals for 2015 are! I personally love making goals for myself because I just love having something to work towards but if I set a crazy goal I usually get stressed out. That said I will be making my goals obtainable and achievable. 

1. I would like to read 150 books this year. I have read 147 so far this year so it's not that big of a jump but I think 150 is a really achievable goal for me. I would also like to be better with balancing ARCs, "me" books, and older books! I am thinking that every 3 or so ARCs I read I get to read a "me" book or an older book! 

2. Like Audris, I want to increase my participation in this community! I am pretty good with replying to comments that I get on my own posts but I don't comment on other people's blogs enough and that makes me sad because you all have lovely blogs! I would love to try and comment on blogs each day of the week with maybe an hour or two on the weekends just set aside for commenting on blogs! 

3. I want to be more organized and prepared. I would love to have a list of all of my ARCs and their release date so I can read them in the order of publication date and have their reviews up a month prior to release date. I hate when I don't read an ARC before release date so I am really hoping to become more organized with them so I can avoid this. Also, I think if I wrote my review soon after finishing the book, my reviews could be more insightful and informative than the review you would be reading that I wrote a few months after finishing the book. 

4. I would love to post 2-3 times a week and schedule posts more often. I think scheduling posts is awesome because I never know when school is going to be super busy or whatever and I wouldn't have to worry about getting a post up if I already had them scheduled! I want to be much more consistent with my posts and  have more variety. I would obviously love to post reviews and memes but also have some discussions or just chatty posts. Maybe even some fun but not book related posts! 

5. I want to meet and talk to more of you guys! This kind of goes along with the commenting goal I have but I just want to interact with more of you and meet new friends! All of my internet book friends I have so far are wonderful and I would just love to have more friends to flail over books with! I want to interact more with people and readers on blogs, Instagram, and over on Twitter!

I hope you all have a lovely New Year and reach and complete all of the goals you hope to!


  1. I want to discover more fun blogs like yours! Hii *waves

    Eileen @ BookCatPin

    1. Aw, thanks, Eileen! That's nice of you! *waves*

  2. I have a lot of the same resolutions. Getting ARCs under control, posting more (scheduling posts) and replying and commenting are big for me. Good luck and happy reading in the New Year!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

    1. It's always nice to have similar goals because you can push each other to achieve the goals! Good luck to you as well and I hope you have a great upcoming year!

  3. If you want to see a beautiful French movie, check out La belle et la bĂȘte! It came out this year and I've seen it three times already. It's stunning.

    1. and thinking about it. You could always put the language on French from animation movies and stuff like that? So you don't have to depress yourself, but you can still keep up with your French! :)

    2. That's true! I'll most likely be watching Frozen in French. But I really want to watch La belle et la bĂȘte! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Back in school when I had to take french there was a drama much like friends that we used to watch and it was cheesy, but not depressing. I can't remember the name of it now though since it was around 3 years ago now haha so I can't be of much help sorry ;) I do admire you though, languages are HARD!