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November 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up #1: Books and Life

Kaitlin, from Reading Is My Treasure has inspired me to do weekly wrap ups every week on the blog. She posts them and I absolutely love reading them and I love staying up to date. Monthly wrap ups sometimes seem too spread out so I think weekly wrap ups are awesome! 

I will be posting a weekly wrap up every Sunday that will log my progress from the previous week's Sunday through Saturday. I will include books I read, personal things I did in my life, the blog posts we posted, and my goals for the upcoming week. I think this will be a great way for you guys to stay updated on my life and for me to stay on track and motivated!

What Did I Read This Week?

I am pretty proud of what I read this week! I finished 3 books and I am currently reading my 4th. I read my e-ARC copy of Symptoms of Being Human (review will be up closer to release date) which I loved (5 stars). I then read Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls which I only found to be okay. If you are interested in more of my thoughts on that one, I posted a review here. I then read an e-ARC of Firsts which I was hoping to enjoy a lot more. I gave it a 2/2.5 star rating and I will have a review up closer to release date. I am currently reading Thunder Dog, a non fiction book, which is great so far!

What Personal Life Things Did I Do This Week?

Hmm... Well this week was the week of the marking period where in basically every single class, I had a large project or essay due. Thankfully, I didn't procrastinate so it wasn't as stressful for me as it was for some. I went to another orthodontist appointment for my braces and my orthodontist said that the next time I go, I can start nagging him for a date to get them off! So, I will probably be getting them off in a few months. YAY! Also, I spent Saturday at my brother's soccer tournament for the championship. I was there for 5 hours and I watched 6-7 soccer games throughout the day. My brother's team got to the final four but were then knocked out. Still a great season!

What Did Audris and I Post This Week?

As of right now, Audris and I are really working hard on drafting/editing/scheduling posts for 2016. So, posts are a little slow right now. However, we got 2 posts up this week, a Waiting on Wednesday which can be found here and the Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls review which (again) can be found here. Although current posts may be slow, Audris and I have been scheduling tons of posts for 2016 so we are really happy.

What Are My Goals For Next Week?

I think next week is going to be pretty chill so I am hoping to read at least 3 books (including Thunder Dog, which I will be finishing). I also would like to schedule 4 more posts for January or February 2016. Next week, I will update you guys and let you know if my goals have been achieved!

Hope you guys liked this! I enjoyed writing it. What did you guys read/do this week? What are your goals for the upcoming week?


  1. Darn. That sucks that you didn't like Firsts more! But I'm happy that you loved Symptoms of Being Human. I decided to get an e-arc of that one this week and I'm really excited to read it!

    1. Yeah, I was hoping to really enjoy it. Oh well. :( But yes, SOBH was incredible! Hope you LOVE it!