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December 18, 2015

Recommendations: Adult books for YA readers

I am 25 years old and I mostly read YA books. However recently I've had this urge to read more adult books, not because they're better than YA books, but because they offer a different reading experience for me and it is one I've been wanting more of. However the adult fiction world, I must admit, is a scary and overwhelming one. I spent hours trying to figure out the different sub genres and trying to find books I might enjoy. Which is why, to make life easier to people who want to dip their toes into the adult fictional world, I'll be listing several adult books I've read that I have seriously enjoyed and would totally recommend to YA readers. Trust me, you're going to want to try these books. 

1. The Others series by Anne Bishop
I have been raving about this series ever since i picked up Written in Red back in the summer. I then proceeded to read Murder of Crows and Vision in Silver. Marked in Flesh comes out in March while the 5th (and last) book is set to be released in 2017. The Others series is an adult urban fantasy story about a world where there are blood prophets, girls who are cut and bleed prophecy for the bearer of the question at the time of the cut. Humans, being the typical opportunistic money hungry folks we are, decided to profit from these girls and that is what our main protagonist, Meg, escaped from. Ofcourse the world in this series does not only have humans, but also "Others" and they are creatures that were already roaming the earth long before humans did. The Others control everything and humans abide their rules, however throughout this series, unrest is emerging and tension between the others and humans is growing. These books have many intertwined stories and I love their multiple POV format. I generally hate that but the way it is done, it is like you're watching a tv show with multiple main characters, but the focus is always back to Meg. This series is complex and addicting. I recommend it for paranormal and fantasy YA readers alike. 

2. Red Rising by Pierce Brown
You might say that Red rising is actually YA.. however it is more of a crossover between YA and adult. The main character actually ages quite significantly between Red Rising and Golden Son, and the style of writing also grows. I initially was very bored with Red Rising and just couldn't get into the writing. I thought it was very dry, however halfway through Red Rising, I was hooked, addicted, railed in, whatever word you want to use for my sudden sharp interest to the Red Rising world. While you might think the survival game and being sorted into houses is a mashup of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, you honestly couldn't be more wrong. Pierce Brown truly turns this world in a very unique and gruesome one with a fast paced and a wide range of complex characters. Golden Son though takes the cake here because we straightaway jump into the action with no break or slow moments. I can't wait to pick up Morning Star and I suggest, for whoever hasn't picked up this series, to at least give Red Rising a try and push through it to at least half of the book before passing any final judgement on the series. 

3. Mystery novels
Adult mystery thrillers have become my addiction. Ever since I picked up Gone Girl and had a taste of psychological thrillers, I don't think I'll ever be able to read a YA book labeled psychological thriller and actually take it seriously. Guys, this isn't me being judgemental, but I've honestly read so many YA "psychological thrillers" and every single one of them disappointed except for Abigail Haas's Dangerous series (Check out Audris's fangirl-ing of those two books here). I need my psychological thrillers to actually be... you know... psychological thrillers. Into the Darkest Corner is about an abusive relationship and the chapters jump from "now" to when she first met the guy and they start to slowly converge. The Girl on the Train is a very popular mystery thriller and I have to say I hated every single person in this book and still loved the story and how messed up everything was. Gone Girl is my least favourite but still a fantastic psychological thriller. My next read is going to be The Widow by Fiona Barton, which is being released in February of 2016, I'll let you know if it'll be added to this list of recommendations. 

4. Contemporary/chick lit
Chick lits hold a special place in my heart, however most of these (except for Can You Keep a Secret?) are actually considered contemporary fiction. I have to start with Shout Down the Moon by Lisa Tucker. This is another one of those Adult/YA crossovers and I read it several years ago but I still can't seem to get this book out of my mind. This is the perfect recommendation for contemporary readers who love reading a more serious contemporary. Can You Keep a Secret? is the funniest, funnest, and enjoyable chick lit I've read. I remember my high school friends (back in 2007) were obsessing over Sophie Kinsella and specifically this book. I picked it up and devoured it in a single day. It is so so good and I've reread it several times after then. I actually own not one, but two copies of it because of how much I love it. The last two books are recent reads. Marian Keye's The Woman Who Stole my Life was a total surprise for me. It was over 500 pages and it took me several days to reach page 70 because I was so so confused. The book intertwines several time frame and the author doesn't really explain the order of them so you're left to figure it out on your own. However past page 70, I started to slowly piece things together and just couldn't put the book down. One Plus One by Jojo Moyes contains every contemporary reader's dream plot: a road trip. It was such a sweet book, at times heartbreaking, but so very enjoyable and unputdownable. 


  1. Wow that first series you showed looks so amazing. IDK though it's so long!!! I really hope I can get to them too :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  2. Hi Juhina!
    First of all, i loved this post and i agree with you that adult novels give us different experiences.
    The Others is a serie that i'm so excited to read, just as Can you keep a Secret, a famous book here in Brazil and a book that everybody says good thing about it.


  3. I'm 24 and read a lot of YA! I've had my eye on Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, I'll be sure to check them out :)