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February 9, 2016

Digest's guide to YA fantasy novels of 2016

I am going to be completely unbiased and list you guys all the fantasy novels that are coming out this year. This will be only for debut novels as well as first books in a series. I have read a couple of those (two to be exact) and I can tell that 2016 is going to be the year for unique fantasy (and high fantasy) novels. 

Fantasy novel retellings/mythology

Fantasy novels with a twist of paranormal

Journey/adventure fantasy novels

"Chosen one" fantasy novels 

Other fantasy novels

Wow! that is ALOT of YA fantasy novels and so many of them are retellings! though some are lighter retellings than others. I can't wait to pick up so many of those, I can't even pick a top 3 to be honest. What about you guys? any of these books and themes capture your attention?


  1. Well looking through your list all my essaykings team agreed that all these books seem to be interesting. As for me I think I'll like the most the Rebel of the Sands. I'm just in love with the cover and I think the book is the same cool.

  2. Ahhhh fantasy, the love of my life. Thanks for making a post dedicated just to them. I loved Truthwitch and The Crown's Game was AH-mazing!!! I also was a huge fan of Blackhearts and the character driven story. Rebel of the Sands also was fantastic!!!