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October 8, 2013

Top Five Favorite Booktubers (Part 2)

I made a post about this last year in December and to this day it's my most visited blog post ever. So, clearly you guys are looking for booktubers to watch. As I said in my previous post, I truly admire booktubers because making high quality videos can be time consuming. With posts I can just lay in bed in my pajamas with my hair in a bun writing and *whispers* no one will ever know. But booktubers can't do that. Videos require prep time (I say this from the experience of my failed youtube channel). From December to now I've found some new favorite booktubers so it's time I share them with you. Go stalk (I mean love) all these amazing people.

She has this energy that makes me happy. So whenever I need a pick me up I just go straight to one of her videos and BAM! Instasmile.

HER VIDEOS ARE INSANE. In the best way possible. She has fantastic book talks and also talks about tv shows. Books + TV = my life therefore, go watch her videos.

Out of all of these booktubers, Katriona is the one I've been watching for the longest. I found her when she first started and it's been fun watching her channel grow and change. She has epic book hauls and the occasional walk-around vlog. Oh, and she's doing VEDO (vlog everyday in October) so you get a new video everyday!

These last two are relatively new to me but they instantly became favorites so I thought I'd include them:

I found her recently and love her videos. She's also very energetic and hilarious. She does a little bit of everything, tags, hauls, book talks and tbrs/wrap-ups.

Beth recently started a chick lit book club that you can join and discuss with her and a few other booktubers.

So these are some of my favorite booktubers. If you guys watch any other booktubers leave their names or links in the comments so I can check them out!


  1. Audris, I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE watching booktubers too! I love watching all of the ones you listed as well, although Regan is probably my favorite because of her energy. It's nice to see other bloggers who also love the booktube community!

  2. 4/5 from the list are on my fave booktubers too!! They all have the energetic vibe and amazing confidence in front of the cam. I really like Kat becuase of her wit. Christine and her super duper energy and Regan because she's so cute!!!

  3. Kat and Christine are the best! They're definitely my favorites too :) I totally will be checking out the other three. I've been looking for more booktubers to watch, thanks so much for this list, Audris! :D

  4. I'm following Katriona, I really like her and her red hair :D

  5. I don't follow a ton of BookTubers (just because I don't watch YouTube videos a lot), but I love Polandbananasbooks! :)