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November 1, 2014

Co-Blogger: Meet Jacquelyn!

Hello! My name is Jacquelyn and I am going to be the new co-blogger here on YA Bookmark! I have been wanting to be a co-blogger for quite some time now. I have always wanted to blog about books but thought it would be much more fun having a buddy to blog with! Audris and I are very excited to be working together from now on.

I'm very bad with introductions but I am a teenager who loves reading and spend most of my free time with my nose in a book. My favorite genre is young adult realistic fiction. I also really enjoy dystopian and post-apocalyptic books. I have slowly started to become more interested in fantasy books so I am hoping to read some awesome fantasy books in the near future!

Some Other Random Facts About Me:

1. I have various favorite foods. I love tacos, ravioli, mashed potatoes, poutine, fudge, and many other things. 
2. I have a dog who is named Coconut. She is a Maltese and she is over 2 years old. I also have a cat who is named Queenie and is 8 years old.
3. I love Goodreads and use it all the time to organize my current reads and everything book related! I also have a group on Goodreads that has over 8,000 members. The group is called Crazy for Young Adult Books! I love that group and I am always talking about books over there! 
4. Another big hobby of mine other than reading is traveling! I absolutely love traveling and would love to see as much of the world as I can! I have been to Los Angeles, Hollywood, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Disney World, and many other places. I can't get enough of traveling! 

I am very excited to get started here! Audris and I have some very exciting things coming up soon. I think we are going to work great together and be able to post some great things for you guys. I am really looking forward to meeting and talking with you guys.

Also, some small changes to the blog will be coming soon to add my details, links, and picture!


  1. Welcome Jacquelyn!! Happy co-blogging. You two are going to become awesome friends!! My co-blogger and I have become pretty close :) HAVE FUN :D I can't wait to see what you two have in store :)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! I have always wanted to blog with a friend so I think we are going to become pretty close and have lots of fun! Thanks again!

  2. Welcome Jacquelyn :D I love Goodreads too! I think I spend most of my time there when I'm not blogging. I like to browse through shelves from friends in the hope to find new books. I haven't traveled to many different places, but I've been on vacation as long as I can remember. I can't wait to travel all around the world :)

    1. Thank you! Goodreads is amazing. <3 It does have its flaws but I think it is perfect for keeping track of different lists of books and such! Have fun traveling the world! So much to see and do. :)

  3. WELCOME JACQUELYN!!!! :D this is so exciting! :) you and Audris are a perfect fit for co-bloggers :D and yeay for tacos and traveling!!!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. Thanks so much, Juhina! Audris and I are so excited to be co-blogging together! It is so much fun. Woop woop for tacos and traveling, tow of my favorite things other than books of course. ;)