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June 19, 2015

#crushyourtbr and 24 Hour Readathon Tips

(thanks to Melody for the wonderful graphic!)

As some of you may know, Raeleen from padfootandprongs07 and I (Jacquelyn) host monthly #crushyourtbr readathons. These readathons are great for anyone trying to read books from their own shelf and have a little extra reading motivation! We will be hosting our third (? I think that is right) readathon soon but this one is a little different. Our previous readathons were 3 days long and occured over an entire weekend. Since Raeleen and I were both very busy this month, we decided to switch things up and have this one be a 24 hour readathon!


When: June 26th, 2015 
Everyone will start at midnight THEIR time.
Where: You can make a YouTube video to share TBRs, your progress, wrap-ups, etc. You can also use the #crushyourtbr on Twitter and Instagram so we can all see what you plan to read/are reading/already read.
What: You can read ANY books. The main idea is to read books off of your shelf but if you have a small TBR or whatever the case may be, other books are totally fine as well!

If you have any other questions, you can send them to Raeleen or I on Twitter. You could also send them to the CrushYourTBR Twitter page which can be found here.


I also thought it would be cool if I included some tips for 24 hour readathons. I've seen quite a few people who have said this is their first readathon so I thought these tips may be helpful for newbies and may even help some readathon experts! ;)

1. Don't stress over the readathon! There is no such thing as failing a readathon. As long as you are having fun, you're doing great!

2. Talk to other participants and motivate others. Sometimes when I motivate other people, I feel motivated myself. Also, by talking to other participants, you may meet some new friends which is awesome. 

3. Depending on your attention span, try staying away from really chunky books. This could cause you to lose focus and feel slumpy during the readathon. No one wants that, right?

4. Give yourself lots of options! It's great if you make a TBR for the readathon but don't limit yourself to only those books. If you're not feeling like reading any of those, read something else. This can keep you from falling into a reading slump. 

5. Move your reading location around. Don't sit in one spot all day. Maybe go outside or go to a local park? Sitting in the same spot all day will most likely cause you to get bored and/or tired faster. 

6. Drinks lots of water and some healthy snacks! Maybe some grapes and strawberries? And then definitely some chocolate. :P Shhhh.

7. Raeleen and I will be hosting sprints throughout the day so definitely jump in on as many as you can! Sprints are so motivational and a great way to get a lot of reading done.

8. And my last tip is to not force yourself to stay up all 24 hours. If you force yourself to, you may just become annoyed and not enjoy what you're reading because of that. If you plan to stay up all 24 hours, that's great too! It all depends on the person.

We're hoping you are able to join as in this readathon and we would love to see your tweets, photos, and videos surrounding the readathon! Make sure to use the #crushyourtbr. Good luck to all of the participants!


  1. This sounds so cool but I live in Germany and I have school on friday so I can't join in :/

  2. this sounds fun! I think I'll definitely be joining in this time if I'm not too bogged down with college work :)