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June 16, 2015

#Booktubelove: My Favorites!

I had this post in the back of my mind for the past week, and if I'm being honest, I was going to put it off for a couple more weeks (because that's just what I do) but that changed when I went on Twitter today and saw the #booktubelove tweets. Then I saw the Booktubing vs. Blogging video that Samantha from Thoughts on Tomes posted and thought this was necessary TODAY.

Every year or so I've done a post where I share some of my favorite booktubers, you can check the older ones here and here. I love booktube and I love youtube in general, it's something that has helped me in some of my low moments, especially with my anxiety. When I feel it coming on at night what's better than watching some awesome people talk about my favorite topic? BOOKS! It's so comforting for me. And while I love blogging because, well...that's what I do, there's something different about watching a video. But enough of me going on about how awesome the booktube community is. Let me show you!

1. Samantha from Thoughts on Tomes

Since I already mentioned Samantha's most recent video this is a perfect place to start. What I love the most about her channel are her discussion posts. They're very relatable, she states her opinions in a respectful way and once the video is posted she engages in discussion in the comments. Another thing I think is great is the way she does her reviews. She separates them into spoiler free reviews or gushes/gripes (which have spoilers). This way you're never spoiled for anything. Out of all her videos my favorite has to be her video on anxiety, which I included above. I could just relate SO MUCH!

2. Ben from Bangady Bangz

Ben's channel has awesome content. From videos recommending music that goes well with books (this one is so important to me because I'm equally obsessed with both of those things) to fun challenges, his channel is a little bit of everything. One of his most recent videos, "Stuff no one says at Hogwarts" KILLED me. His intro is also yeah.

3. Shannon from Cozy Tea Reads

Shannon has been one of my favorite booktubers for a while now. Every time I see she's posted a video I have to drop everything to go watch it. She's just so fun and her enthusiasm is definitely contagious. Her videos are ones I play when I need a pick me up or if I'm starting the day I can just play one of her videos as I get ready. She honestly makes me excited for every book she hauls!

4. Whitney from Whitty Novels

I will probably watch everything Whitney posts because she's hilarious (see: video intro), but also because she's honest. Her reviews are always brutally honest with what she liked and didn't like even if she got them sent for review. This is what I like to see in reviews. I want to see the pros and cons, I want to truly know the person's opinion. And Whitney's? I trust.

5. Juhina and Farah from Maji Bookshelf

Juhina and Farah are sisters who also own a blog by the same name. I loved their blog first and found their youtube channel because of it. Since then I've gotten so many book recs from them, I actually have a little Juhina recommended shelf on my bookshelf. She's my go to person for mystery recommendations and since she gets arcs I always go to her channel to see what upcoming releases I want to put on my TBR. She also reads a lot of adult books so her channel is a great place to go for recs in that department as well.

I'm always looking for new booktubers so if you have any channel recommendations please leave them below!


  1. Thank you for including me :) Also, I absolutely adore your blog design. It is so cute!

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  3. I'm subscribed to them all, and love the videos!