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January 23, 2016

Our Top Three Most Anticipated Titles of 2016

By now i'm sure we've all seen several of the 2016 titles, added a ton on Goodreads, salivated over some of the covers, and even started countdowns until their releases. I've recently made a post about my most anticipated titles of 2016 here, but for this post, I'll be taking the opinions of not two, or three, but four people. Basically the girls of YA Bookmark and Maji Bookshelf. 

Out of the three books, one of them will be a book that's not a sequel just to spread the love and exposure to authors. So feast your eyes in all the beautiful looking covers and prepare for your TBR to grow. Let us know whose list is most compatible with yours and what other 2016 releases not listed here are on your own anticipated list. 

I am obsessed with The Raven Cycle series and I need this book immediately. I need more of Gansey, Blue, and the rest of the Raven Boys. Marked in Flesh is another sequel i'm itching to read (it is available on NetGalley already). The Others series has been amazing so far and the world is so well written. This is what has gotten me into adult urban fantasy. The last book is another fantasy, but YA, novel. It has east asian themes and a kingdom, the chosen one, and basically everything I love in a fantasy. 

My Lady Jane is a book I absolutely need in my life. I've read books by all three authors and they've all been fabulous, emotional and captivating, but the number one reason I need it is because Cynthia Hand. She is one of my all time favorite authors and I will read anything and everything she writes. Moving on to Riders, last December I randomly picked up Under the Never Sky and from then on I was hooked. The world and the relationships are some of my favorites and I'm hoping to get some more of that in this new series by Veronica Rossi (plus the four horsemen of the apocalypse? YES). My final most anticipated of 2016 in Defending Taylor by Miranda Kenneally. This is probably one of the only series I've actually kept up with as each book releases. I love that you get glimpses into the lives of some of the previous main characters in each new book. I guess I can read Jesse's Girl while I wait for this one to release.

Flamecaster: My need for Flamecaster is beyond explanation. I binged all four books of the Seven Realms in three days and fell in love with Raisa and Han and Cat and Dancer like there was no tomorrow. Flamecaster is a spin-off series set a few decades after the events of the last book, and if I know anything about Cinda Williams Chima, it's that she's going to deliver another fantasy full of intrigue, action, diversity, strong female leads, and YES, slow burn romance.

This Savage Song: Victoria Schwab is a queen. I dare you to read The Archived and A Darker Shade of Magic and not think that. When I heard that she was writing another series, I just about exploded because there's only so much Schwab-awesomeness I can deal with. According to her, the book is "dark, and violent, and existential", and the whole thing was inspired by a line from Vicious

"Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human."

Hell YES. (Also while we're at it, Vicious is a lovely deliciously dark and gritty adult standalone that everyone should read)

Throne of Glass #5: I devoured Queen of Shadows in a day and if you think the pain of not having ToG #5 with me right now has lessened somehow, NOPE. All my reasons involving why I want to read this are spoilery (hint: they involve queens blowing stuff up and getting into wicked battles and female friendshippps) so I don't want to talk about them. Sarah J. Maas steps up her game in each instalment of her Throne of Glass series and I'm frightened and excited all at once for what comes next.

As expected, mine are all contemporaries. What more could you want from me? The Unexpected Everything is one I am practically dying over. I have loved every single Morgan Matson book yet and I've given every book by her 5 stars. Also, this cover is beautiful. Definitely a book I will be buying if not preordering! If I Was Your Girl is my debut of this list. I've been hearing great things about this LGBT book, specifically about a transgender girl. Dahlia Adler, queen of all LGBT recommendations loved this one so I am super pumped for it. The last book, You Know Me Well, is a dream come true for me. I love both David Levithan (wrote one of my favorite books, Every Day) and Nina LaCour (I've read all her books, given them all 5 stars) and I can't even imagine how great this is going to be. I don't know too much about it but I don't think I need to.


  1. There's so many good books here, girls! I cannot believe the sheer number of good books coming out this year. My purse is going to be so empty....

  2. Riders and This Savage Song are definitely in my top 10 for books I can't wait to read!

    I'm also really excited to see what the cover is going to look like for Throne of Glass #5!

    Lauren @ SERIESous Book Reviews #Commenting365